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Develop Razor Sharp Wit - Subliminal CD

Make friends easily and quickly � without any effort!

Develop Razor Sharp Wit

Want to be a hit in any situation?

Have the right words on the tip of your tongue whenever you need them?

Then you�re in luck!

This incredible subliminal audio recording will quickly and easily unlock ALL of your brain's natural comic potential.

In less than an hour, the Develop Razor Sharp Wit subliminal session will enhance your sense of wit and sharpen your sense of humor, helping you:

   � Dazzle others with your humor

   � Leave colleagues rolling in the aisles

   � Be the star of the show

Using the latest in subliminal messaging technology, the Develop Razor Sharp Wit session delivers thousands of powerful, affirmative, motivational messages directly to your subconscious - allowing you to unlock the W.C. Fields within!

And it�s 100% risk-free! If you�re not completely satisfied with the remarkable results, let us know within 90 days and we�ll refund your order in full.

Don�t be the person no-one remembers! Purchase Develop Razor Sharp Wit TODAY and enjoy these amazing benefits right away!

Buy MP3 download version for $16.95!

Buy audio CD version for $24.95!
With FREE international shipping and FREE ejector CD case!

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The following affirmations are used in this subliminal recording:

I am clever and witty
I have a sharp wit
I use wit wisely
My timing is perfect
Every day my wit gets sharper
My wit keeps me positive
I cheer people up with my humor
I am famous for my wit
I always have a witty comment
I can make people cry with laughter
I am funny and witty
People love my sharp wit

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